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Abstract: An apparatus (I) for sampling and detecting a pathogen in air compris­ing a first air sampling module (A), a second module (B) for the isolation of viral RNA and a third module (C) for amplification and detection ofthe viral RNA; thanks to the integration between the modules (A, B, C) the apparatus (1) is compact and portable and can be used for in situ sampling of air in closed environments such as ambulances or hospital rooms, air in the external environment and air exhaled by patients.
Abstract: La presente invenzione descrive un metodo per la coltivazione di cellule su di un substrato in grado di indurre pluripotenza.
Autori: Stefana Carelli, Anna Maria Di Giulio, Toniella Giallongo, Alfredo Gorio
Abstract: The present invention relates to methods and means of transport of active substances in the cell cytosol. In particular, the invention relates to means that make it possible to transport directly in the cytosol substances capable of interacting with protein systems, such as the family of nuclear factors of activated T-cells (NFATs) or nucleic acids localized in the cytosol. In particular, the invention relates to nanoconstructs useful in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, methods for their preparation, and compositions containing them.
Abstract: The prepn. of dendrons of α(1,2)α(1,6)pseudomannotrioses is presented for the treatment and/or prevention of HIV; Ebola, Dengue, Hepatitis C, SARS or tuberculosis infections. Specifically, a third generation bis(methoxyol)propanoic based dendrimer bearing α(1,2)α(1,6)pseudomannotriose was prepd. and tested on HIV viral strains and showed >99% inhibition at 50μM.
Autori: Anna Bernardi, Sara Sattin, Mario Salvatore Clerici, Angela Maria Vittoria Berzi, Jose Juan Reina Martin
Abstract: Procedimento per la predizione del rischio associato a patologie placentari attraverso quantificazione del DNA mitocondriale
Autori: Irene Cetin, Debora Francesca Lattuada